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Industry Report on Professional Certification – Why You Should Be Certified

As more and more collateral recovery specialists and lenders recognize the importance of professional certification as the most effective tool for risk management in the self-help repossession process we are receiving numerous compliments and endorsements on the C.A.R.S. National Certification Program and our testing method.

Specifically RISC has received endorsements and recommendations for professional certification from nationwide lenders, DRN, and collateral recovery specialists all over the country. All these recommendations support the C.A.R.S. certification program for not only the field recovery agents but for support staff as well. Below are actual testimonials from collateral recovery specialists that have completed the C.A.R.S. Certification Program.
“We would like to acknowledge, applaud and thank each and every individual involved in creating and maintaining this invaluable, one of a kind program”!

“I took the C.A.R.S. National Program and I must say how much I appreciate the depth and breadth of the materials contained in this program. I found the entire course extremely helpful and informative from the 1st page to the very last”.

“I have read, researched and taken many educational courses on countless subjects pertaining to the recovery process. Never have I come across anything so meaningful structured, easy to read and cross reference. Not only does this cover all applicable laws and regulations, but it provides meaningful scenarios and helpful information for everyone in the recovery industry, from business owner, to agent/drivers, to office staff.

In this industry it is imperative to have a full knowledge of rights and remedies available to lien holders, debtors and recovery specialists. Your well rounded program more than adequately covers each of these entities in depth. The course teaches you how to make certain you are really “covering your own‟ in every situation.

I recommend this program to everyone in the recovery industry. I know that my colleagues and I will benefit and refer back to the materials on a regular basis. It is well worth the time and monetary investment, plus more”.

“Thank you for a very informative discussion on topics of great importance to the recovery industry. I took away from our session several items that were implemented immediately. The Chain of Custody Form for personal property and the Notice of Personal Property to the borrower are now in place. The drivers have left me with the impression that professional certification gives them more pride and confidence in what they do. Comments such as ’I don’t feel like some repo guy, I feel like a professional recovery agent and I feel I will be taken more seriously as a recovery agent since I will be certified as a professional”

“It is a good course and I learned several more things from it. Thank you for being there and putting together such a program”.
Bogdan Rentea is one of the most knowledgeable lawyers in the country regarding the self-help repossession process. His evaluation of the C.A.R.S. program; “I have reviewed your National Certification Program extensively, and I am convinced that it is a most valuable ’tool’ in dealing with the ever rising litigation and insurance claims within the Asset Recovery Industry.

The comprehensive curriculum contained in this program should be required study for not only those seeking to enter the Asset Recovery Industry, but also for those who are already a part of this profession. I commend you for the thoroughness and professionalism you have shown in developing this unique product.”

These letters and many more which we are truly grateful for can be found by visiting our website, www.RiscUS.com under “testimonials”. One of our continuing goals is to provide professional collateral recovery specialists with the very best in training and certification sources as well as other products and services important to the industry.

Thank you for your continued support.
Stamatis Ferarolis and Joe Taylor