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CARS Program Version 2

Professional certification of competency identifies qualified practitioners, ensures recognition of their expertise, and establishes professional Industry standards. It provides for the public safety and enhances the prestige of the profession while establishing those Industry standards of competency and performance.

The Certified Asset Recovery Specialist (CARS) was created to specifically address the issues faced by the collateral recovery specialist and to provide a base level of competency. However, after seeing the need to further expand on the issues faced by the collateral recovery specialist RISC created the Field Recovery Specialist program, which was specifically designed to assist the field recovery specialist in his daily duties and mitigate risk to the agency owner.

After careful consideration and much feedback from the Industry it was decided that RISC would improve upon the gold standard for training collateral recovery specialists by combining the best of both our curriculums. We are proud to announce that we now have Certified Asset Recovery Specialist (CARS version 2) as the flagship to our other curriculums. This program is very comprehensive as it now has the entire CARS manual (version 1) combined with the FRS manual. Therefore a student is now getting the most comprehensive curriculum offered to the collateral recovery Industry for a lower fee than each individual manual.

RISC strives to provide value to our customers and CARS version 2 is an example of our core belief of improving the collateral recovery Industry through our educational programs.

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