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Leap Loans

LEAP for Repossession Agents

If you’re a repossession agent looking to help your clients, LEAP is the partner for you. LEAP is an auto leasing company that helps customers facing repossession or bankruptcy keep their car or get a different car.
LEAP specializes in
• Repossession redemption
• Bankruptcy redemptions
• Purchase of off-lease vehicles
• Finding a different vehicle
The LEAP Advantage - Everybody Wins!

Mantolokin Group

Mantolokin Group

The Mantolokin Group LLC is focused on providing high-quality service and client satisfaction - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

We specialize in finding health benefits for self-employed and independent people and families who are not covered or are not happy with current coverage. As a Broker Company we deal with several AM Best A rated Carriers such as Humana and United Health Care to name a few. This gives us the ability to custom design plans that allow you to control your coverage and your costs. More Info


What is MasterFiles and Who is Alex Price

MasterFiles® focus is getting you the ‘freshest’ data available and helping you get the most out of that data. If you rely on precise data to locate specific markets or individuals, MasterFiles® is your answer. More Info



Run hard. Jerr-Dan® vehicles can take it. Durable. Reliable. Performing beyond expectations, no matter what the conditions. For 30 years, Jerr-Dan has redefined the towing industry. Setting new standards for performance, quality, technology and service. Jerr-Dan tow trucks, whether it be wreckers or carriers, have a proven track record in vehicle transportation. Whatever you dish out, Jerr-Dan vehicles can take it. Run hard.

Repo Partners


repoPartners has been around for eleven years and has been recently begun to operate under the repoPartners brand name to differentiate its offering from that of its sister organization, towPartners. repoPartners has established itself as the largest asset recovery industry organization and the only buying club for repossession companies open to all companies in the industry.

The Credit Bureau

Who is TheCreditBureau.com?

We are a full service credit reporting agency specializing in mortgage credit reports, rapid rescore, and tenant screening. Our number one goal is to help you close more loans and make more money. We are also the best skip tracing website giving you the latest skip tracing tools and skip tracing searches for repossession and collection. Take a look at our skip tracing tools and find more debtors. Get bank account information now | Visit thecreditbureau.com