Verify Professional Credentials

To confirm a recovery specialists professional credentials through the only nationally recognized training and certification program please search for their name below using the search boxes. Please note that each student has a unique ID that verifies the authenticity of their certificate. Without this unique ID their certificate is not valid.

Additionally, if you have not tested (and passed) within a year of your last certification you WILL NOT be found on the RISC website. Only those who maintain their CARS certification will obtain the designation of CARS PLUS CE and remain searchable on the RISC website.

If there is a question of authenticity please contact RISC

To verify please enter the following info and click the "verify" button.

** Note - If you were certified prior to May 1st, 2009 do not enter a SS# **


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In a rare instance a student may not be in our database or there may be a duplicate name. If you are not in our database but have tested please send RISC proof of completion and we will review our records. If we can verify accuracy of your document you will be added to the database. To verify a similar name please send us information regarding the student’s name, last four digits of the SS number, and date when the test was taken. We will research our records and respond if we require more information.