If you are looking to add value, additional revenue and service to your recovery business, why not consider automotive Locksmithing? You may not have had the opportunity to explore automotive Locksmithing but now you do. RISC has a locksmith program that can assist you in building your business and enhancing your services and your profits by offering 'Automotive Locksmithing'. Whatever your Locksmithing needs might be RISC is there to assist you by offering the following services:

  • Automotive Locksmith School – A hands on training experience that teaches you how to specifically cut and program keys to automotive vehicles.
  • Key Blanks – RISC can provide automotive key blanks and be your resource to locate key blanks for specialty vehicles.
  • Key Codes – Key codes are invaluable and RISC is there to assist you in obtaining or originating codes from scratch saving you time and money.
  • Locksmith Equipment – You will be trained hands on so RISC can evaluate your specific equipment needs based on your size and volume.

As a RISC Compliant Agent Network member you will be entitled to 15% off the retail cost of each product or service we offer: key codes key blanks, locksmith training, and locksmith equipment. It pays dividends to be aRISC Compliant Agent Network member on the items you use every day. Join today!

With our turn key approach to teaching you the automotive locksmith business you can add true value to your company for years to come. If you would like to learn more about our complete program or just use RISC to purchase your key blanks we are here to service your needs.

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